New Zealand's national capoeira society


Capoeira Mandinga Aotearoa is a national capoeira group, led by New Zealand's first capoeira master, Mestre Brabo. We train capoeira angola, a traditional form of the Brazilian artistic expression which traces its roots back to the African people brought as slaves to Brazil in the times of colonialism.

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New Zealand's first capoeira mestre

Mestre Brabo has been teaching capoeira in New Zealand since 1992
Music and capoeira

Students learning to play the berimbau, the fundamental instrument in capoeira music
Kids' classes

Everyone can play capoeira -- check out our kids' classes in Auckland, Taranaki, and Wellington.
The Game of Capoeira

Playfulness is an integral part of Capoeira
Capoeira Classes for Beginners

Learn the fundamental movements of defence, attack and acrobatics